SIG Foundation presents 15 Unbelievable Facts in World of Science

SIG Foundation presents 15 Unbelievable Facts in World of Science

1.) If we line up the entire blood vessel in human body, the length will be approximately 62,000 miles! Which means it’s about 2.5 times longer than circumference of planet earth.

2.) ‘The Great Barrier Reef’, world’s longest coral reef located in Australia. Also owns the record of world’s largest organism structure with the length of 2000 kilometer
3.) Probability that earth will be attacked by meteors: 9300 times/year
4.) One giant hurricane generates energy at the same level of 8000 1-megaton sized bombs
5.) Approximately, 700 millions of world population is now having hookworm, kind of blood-eating creature, in their bodies.
6.) Fred Rompelberg owns the record of world’s fastest cycler with the speed of 166.94 miles/hour
7.) 65% of autistics patient are lefty

8.) The roots of Finnish pine tree can be so long up to 30 miles
9.) The amount of salt in the ocean can cover ever area on earth with 500 feet thick
10.) The gas among the stars in Sagittarius contains more than 10,000millions liter of alcoholic substances

11.) The speed of Polar bear is up to 25 miles/hour and they can jump up to 6 feet high
12.) Because of the qualification of its hair, Polar bear is very difficult to detect with infrared camera
13.) The roots of rye, types of rice used in drinking alcohol production, can be spread under the ground for more than 400 miles
14.) Temperature of Mercury is 430c during daytime and decrease down to -180c during nighttime
15.) Approximately, people will unintentionally eat up to 4300 small type of bugs, such as gnat and tick,
in a year

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