Top 10 Best Airlines in the World

01: Singapore Airlines

Basically Singapore is small country but Singapore Airline is on top and it covers the passenger of whole country as well as international level.

02: Cathay pacific
The Cathay pacific is reapply going on top because of providing best service to their passenger. It is a member of one world Airways.

03: Qantas

The Qantas is also a best air lines in the world it provides repeatedly scores well to their passenger all over the world, it also the member of One world Airlines.

04: Thai Airways

Thai Airways is famous to their best service and important thing is that the attendants wear the traditional Thai clothes during the flight. It is the member of Star Alliance.

05: Asiana

The Asiana is affiliated with Star Alliance and it provides best service to their passenger, its flight over 50 cities in 17 countries.

06: Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is also on top rank in providing best service to their passenger.

07: Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is also famous due to their providing best and attractive service and these airways are just new in business but it capture big good comments about its service.

08: Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is not a big airline itself but it captures a lot of views due to providing best service to their passenger as well. It is the member of Star Alliance.

09: Emirates

Emirates are best not only in the eyes of passenger but it wins award every year for its best service.

10: Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways in not a international airlines but it is a national airlines of United Arab Emirates.


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